Striped Burnt Orange and Green Scarf

ON COMMISSION from Paisley The Label,LLC 

Very lightweight 

100% viscose 


Can be worn as a neck scarf, or accessory for bags 

neck scarf styles: 

the french girl": begin by hanging your scarf around the nape of your neck so that the two ends are hanging in front. then wrap one of the ends around the circumference of your neck. adjust your scarf so that both ends are hanging at the same length. take both ends and tie them in a double knot on either the right or the left side. loosen as needed. 

"the western": begin by folding your scarf diagonally. then, hold the two ends on either side with the large traingular shape hanging in front of your chest. then, take each end and cross them at the back of your neck. after that, bring the two ends back to the front and secure them in a double knot under the triangular piece in front. adjust as needed. 

$ 70.00

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