Step into our world, where fortuitous finds and fabulous surprises await.

We are located on the corner of King and Queen in the heart of downtown, and our doors open to a curated collection of unique goods and gifts that embody the essence of Charleston’s unparalleled charm.

At Noddy, each item on our shelves is hand-selected for its ability to elicit smiles, spark memories, and tell a story. Whether it’s a piece of local art that captures Charleston’s beauty or a cheeky hand towel that brings a flair of southern humor to your home, our goods are more than just items—they’re experiences waiting to unfold.

We believe in the beauty of the unconventional, the delight of the unexpected. Our collection is as unique and dynamic as Charleston itself, offering something for every taste and occasion.

In the end, Noddy isn’t just about what you bring home—it’s about the connection you make with a piece of Charleston that you can hold onto. It’s about the story you’ll tell for years to come.

Noddy is here to enrich your Charleston experience, one delightful find at a time.

Welcome to Charleston. Welcome to Noddy.